AZO Barbell Club

The fundamental goal of AZO Barbell Club is to HAVE FUN while introducing people to the greatest sport ever conceived by humans, Olympic-style weightlifting. Participants will learn how to safely AND effectively perform the snatch (one of the most elegantly athletic skills ever!) and the clean and jerk (a brute display of strength and power)!

To say that I am passionate about the sport of weightlifting is an understatement. The history, the technique, the pure atavistic nature, the athleticism and the gamesmanship of lifting all fascinate me so much.

Weight 300x161AZO Barbell Club's mission, after learning and performing the exercises safely and properly, is go out and compete! With some consistency and dedication I have no doubt that AZO Barbell Club will be representing on the national stage!

Pull Hard! Move Fast!

Steve Lewis
AZO Barbell Club Coach



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Interested in Olympic Lifting Specific Personal Training?
Steve, EC, Zach, Kyle or Simon are all willing to help you out!

Email for details and get signed up!


Tues/Thurs 5-7am

M-Thurs from 4-6pm

We have specific programs for Beginners, Intermidate and Advanced Athletes. 

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