Our facility is a fully functional CrossFit box with over 7000 SF of space. We have all the equipment needed for any CrossFit style workout, with plenty of space for larger groups. Thousands of pounds of weight, lots of space on either our free-standing or wall-mount pull up rigs, plenty of realestate for running outside, and a 1 acre grass field at our disposal. We have two seperate gyms, allowing us to run multiple programs at the same time, with minimal disturbance. Two distinct spaces allows for near endless open-gym times throughout the day. The AZO comminity welcomes the traditional CrossFit athlete looking for a great WOD, the fire breather doing a personal program, or someone looking for a program tailored specifucally for them. 

The CrossFit AZO coaching staff is professional, personal, and qualified. We have multiple coaches per WOD. This allows us to maintain a safe environment with athletes of all abilities.

We have three bathrooms, women's and men's changing areas, and a unisex shower that is ADA handicap accessible.