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  • WOD 7/7/14


    Work up to a heavy set of

    Snatch Pull

    Hang Power Snatch

    Full Snatch


    AMRAP: 12min

    5 Deadlifts 245/205

    10 C2B Pull ups

    50m Sprint

    1min rest

Our Vision: CrossFit AZO is a genuine box (gym) committed to giving you the WOD (Workout of the Day), instruction, and atmosphere you would expect from a CrossFit affiliate.

Our passion is fitness: your fitness.

Our training staff is committed to the health and wellness of our athletes.

Our training programs are broad and inclusive, offering something for athletes of all ages and all fitness levels.

The AZO community is supportive, helpful, and fun.

Come for the workout, stay for the community. 

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  • I am so proud to be a member of CF… it has truly changed my life and the community just rocks! What you guys have put together is so wonderful!


  • My wife asked me the other day why I get up at 4:30 a.m. to crossfit. I told her it’s because: I have met so many cool people, I like running/swimming with my kids...


  • Thanks Erin for letting me join your 9am class today. Had a great time meeting your athletes, very welcoming! Would love to see any of you stop by Flatirons CrossFit...


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