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  • WOD 9/1/14

    31 Heros

    AMRAP: 31mins

    8 Thrusters 155/105

    6 Rope Climbs

    11 Box Jumps @30/24

    Partner #1 Does AMRAP while Partner #2 completes a 400m Run with a sandbag. Upon return they switch and pick up where the other left off. 



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  • I am so proud to be a member of CF… it has truly changed my life and the community just rocks! What you guys have put together is so wonderful!


  • My wife asked me the other day why I get up at 4:30 a.m. to crossfit. I told her it’s because: I have met so many cool people, I like running/swimming with my kids...


  • Thanks Erin for letting me join your 9am class today. Had a great time meeting your athletes, very welcoming! Would love to see any of you stop by Flatirons CrossFit...


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